Globi is one of the oldest foreign brands of stores introduced to Poland in the early 90s of the last century and operating until 2008.
In 2012, Carrefour reactivated the Globi brand and prepared a new development strategy for it based on the franchise concept of grocery stores.

About the format

About the format

Globi is a proposal for people who want to open a franchise in small towns and in rural areas.

By creating this franchise concept of franchise stores, Carrefour has focused on deeper cooperation and tightening relationships with partners as part of a full-fledged franchise.

Globi shopkeepers gain access to a wide range of products, including a wide range of Carrefour own brand products, as well as marketing and logistics support.

In this format you get:

In this format you get:

  • partial exterior design visualisation
  • partial shop fitting
  • IT hardware and software
  • support from an opening team
  • marketing support
  • catalogues with sales offers and posters for the grand opening
  • well-organized logistics
  • advice from a regional consultant
  • a training package

Franchise in small towns and in rural areas


What is the franchise concept in small cities characterized by?

  • The Globi concept is perfectly suited to the needs of franchise in small towns and rural areas, both in terms of area and range. According to the specificity of the places for which it is intended, the franchise - Globi grocery store is opened in premises with an area of at least 50 sq m, and the average sales area is 80 sq m. For comparison, Carrefour Express stores with a green face can have up to 200 sq m. sales area.

  • Globi stores are also different from the Carrefour Express franchise with an orange signboard that can be found in busy city locations. Due to the client's needs, we will not find Globi in the franchise such a large selection of take-out dishes (food to go), but the focus was on the offer of alcohol and the non-food range. In addition, by diversifying the offer, you can find approximately 400-500 Carrefour own brand products in Globi stores.

  • The franchise in small towns must take into account the convenience of customers who do not have access to such service outlets as in big cities. That's why the Globi franchise offers a number of additional services, such as paying bills at the checkout, cashback, telephone top-up and more.

    Although the latest concept of Globi has been designed for urban locations, the stores with this logo can also be found in several large Polish cities, for example in Warsaw there are 14 such stores.


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