Carrefour Poland announced the start of its Act For Food program

Carrefour Poland announced the start of its Act For Food program

  • 12.09.2018
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On 11th September, a press conference was held by Carrefour with the participation of the new General Director of Carrefour Poland, Christophe Rabatel. This conference was dedicated to the new marketing campaign and to the new grant projects. The meeting gathered many representatives of the media, ministries, institutions as well as agricultural organizations.

During the conference, the General Director of Carrefour, Christophe Rabatel, announced the acceleration of the food transition and presented the Polish translation of the new international campaign Act For Food, based on 6 acts. These acts are: the Healthy Shelf- dietetic products suitable for diabetics with the lowest price guarantee, Carrefour BIO at the best price- 10% discount on 70 products from the Carrefour BIO assortment, Vegan choice- 167 food products and 63 cosmetics based on ingredients of plant origin available in Carrefour stores, Contract farming agreements- special contracts with Polish producers of fruits and vegetables from local cultivations, End of cages- Carrefour Poland will stop selling eggs produced by caged hens in all of its stores by 2025, Carrefour Quality Line- products controlled at each stage of the production, without GMO, available exclusively in Carrefour stores.

The conference was also an occasion to deliver grants of the Carrefour Foundation to two Polish foundations working on Polish ecological agriculture: the AgriNatura Foundation and the Social Ecological Institute. The project developed by the AgriNatura Foundation aims to increase the quantity and the diversity of ecological vegetables on the Polish market, by providing support to family farms, which is essential for the development and the diversification of the production of bio vegetables on the market. This project supports 20 farmers through investments, trainings and capacity development, focusing on the development of the vegetables’ production and biodiversity in agriculture. The aim of the Social Ecological Institute’s project is to support the conversion of 5 selected farms to ecological agriculture, by implementing a complex conversion process dedicated to this specific model of production. The farmers taking part in the project benefit from financial and expert support, including planning- from the transformation of the methods of production, by marketing and the sale of new products, to consulting for the purchase of essential tools and resources for the production, like seeds and basic equipment, as well as trainings for improving their knowledge and skills. Christophe Rabatel, General Director of Carrefour Poland, delivered checks to the two foundations for a total value of 185 000 EUR, supporting thus the development of the Polish ecological agriculture.

The conference gathered many representatives of generalized and specialized media, bloggers, as well as representatives of ministries and of the agricultural and scientific communities. This first meeting with the new General Director of Carrefour Poland was also an occasion to talk about the company’s plans, such as the new omnichannel projects and the opening of new stores, including franchised supermarkets and the Carrefour BIO store.