Carrefour promotes food transition and signs first agreements for contract farming

Carrefour promotes food transition and signs first agreements for contract farming

  • 27.04.2018
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Carrefour Poland organized on 24th April, at the Smak Kariery Centre, a conference dedicated to the Food Transition strategy of the company. During this event, first agreements for contract farming were signed with 7 farmers- it is a novelty in the history of the chain. The meeting gathered representatives of institutions, organizations and universities connected to agriculture, nutrition and ecology as well as media.

Robert Noceń, Secretary General of Carrefour Poland, presented the idea of Food Transition and the projects in which Carrefour Poland is involved for implementing this strategy. The goal of the Food Transition strategy is to ensure clients the highest consumption comfort, guaranteeing them a permanent access to food quality products at accessible prices. Carrefour pursues this goal by undertaking different initiatives, such as: the implementation of a plan for ecological agriculture in Poland by 2018, the democratization of bio food, the promotion of local and regional products, as well as the long term support to farmers in their transition process to ecological agriculture, not mentioning the role of the Carrefour Foundation for financing such projects.

Agreements for contract farming are a new kind of cooperation with farmers for Carrefour. During the meeting, Anna Kurnatowska, Director of the Commercial Department for Fresh Products, signed the first agreements of this kind with seven producers: Agrohurt, Grono, Fruit, Szpargrol, Olbromski, Natureza i Farma Świętokrzyska. These contracts concern the delivery of red peppers, bio assortment (zucchini, carrots, beetroot, young onions, Hokkaido pumpkin, vegetable mix for mirepoix, kale, apples, potatoes), leeks, radishes, asparagus, lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli. Thanks to this kind of cooperation, Carrefour can rely on stable deliveries of products from verified producers and provide clients with a high quality offer of fruits and vegetables of equivalent appearance, caliber and taste. For the producers, this stable cooperation guarantees them the use of their stock and enables them to plan the production.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of Carrefour invited the participants to Carrefour Reduta hypermarket, for a presentation from close of the assortment of fruits and vegetables, their exposition and their labelling in shop for clients.