The first Carrefour BIO store in Poland is launched

The first Carrefour BIO store in Poland is launched

  • 21.11.2019
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Carrefour introduces a new organic food store format to Poland. The first Carrefour BIO was launched on November 15, 2019 in the center of Warsaw. On the eve of the opening for customers, the new concept was presented to the media and this event met with great interest from news and industry journalists. Carrefour BIO is also a 900 chain store in Poland.

Poland is the fourth country, after France, Spain and Belgium, in which the concept of Carrefour BIO stores will be developed. The first organic food store in Poland, Carrefour BIO, offers 153 m² of commercial space and 27 m² of coffee corner with free wi-fi. A wide and varied offer of approximately 2,500 products awaits customers, 80% of which are bio products, while the remaining ones are dedicated to vegans and people with gluten and lactose intolerance. The Carrefour BIO store assortment includes 250 types of fresh products, including vegetables and fruit sold by weight, meat, fish, as well as 2,200 packaged products, including wines and other alcohols. There are also 250 Carrefour BIO private label products available in the store.

The latest concept includes the possibility of buying 50 loose products by weight, among them are cereal, macaroni, legumes, coffee, as well as a wide selection of dried fruit and nuts. Tea and spice lovers can choose from 24 types of these products displayed in glass jars. The Carrefour BIO store also offers freshly baked bread, as well as cold meats, organic cheeses, cakes and delicatessen products sold in traditional counters. In addition to food products, the store also has a zone of make-up products, natural cosmetics and eco-detergents.

The Carrefour BIO also has a "Food to Go" zone that offers healthy snacks, soups as well as bio sandwiches prepared on site. In addition, freshly ground organic coffee and freshly squeezed organic fruit juices await customers. In the store it is possible to use your own packaging, e.g. when buying coffee or weight products. An additional option for customers looking for products directly from farmers are collection in the store of orders processed via the platform. The latest concept uses less waste solutions and ecological equipment, e.g. the floor is made of approximately 50% recycled material, and energy-saving refrigerators are powered by propane-butane.

The store attaches great importance to CSR activities, hence, among its obligations to customers, is in addition to a lower price guarantee like in a hypermarket, quality and freshness, also a guarantee of locality, which means that Carrefour is trying to make most of the products available in the store come from Polish suppliers. However, as part of the fight against food and plastic waste, Carrefour BIO promotes sales by weight and into its own packaging, and offers a lower price for items with a near expiration date.