Carrefour signed 15 farmers contracts

Carrefour signed 15 farmers contracts

  • 08.04.2019
  • Food transition

Carrefour Polska continues the development of a new model of cooperation with Polish producers of vegetables and fruits - on April 5th 15 farmer's contracts were signed, including 10 with new suppliers. The development of close cooperation with Polish producers is an important element of the food transition strategy, as well as a guarantee of high quality products for Carrefour stores customers.

Customers are more willing to buy domestic products that come directly from the farm to store shelves. Within the food transition strategy – that has been implemented in 2018 - Carrefour Polska ambition is to enrich the offer of fresh products from Polish producers. Achieving this goal is possible thanks to cooperation with reliable suppliers who are able to meet the high expectations of Carrefour customers.

Therefore, Carrefour has launched and is developing farmer contracts – special type of commercial contracts in which not only the product and its quality are specified but also the quantity that Carrefour commits to collect from the supplier. The first contracts of this type were signed in 2018. This year, in order to provide customers with access to a wide range of local vegetables and fruits from Polish suppliers, cooperation is not only continued, but also developed.

At the beginning of April, 10 new producers joined the group of suppliers cooperating with the chain within farmers contracts. Among them there are: Legucin (supplier of blueberries), Avit (broccoli, bio broccoli), Agroking (red pepper, lettuce, iceberg lettuce), Cuple (raspberry tomato), Agroselect (organic butter lettuce, organic radish, bio chives), Peroń (early cabbage, white cabbage), Białuty (potatoes: red, yellow, purple), Bugaj and Naturfarm (potatoes) and Przechera (parsley).

Signing new contracts is a key element of the food transition strategy which assumes quitting mass distribution to offer high-quality food. Carrefour, wanting to provide its customers with the highest comfort of consumption, strives to become the global leader of this transition. Recognizing the growing knowledge and expectations of modern consumers in the field of healthy eating and balanced diet, the company wants to guarantee them constant access to high quality food products at affordable prices, including fresh vegetables and fruits from trusted local suppliers and certified bio products.