Huge interest in 76th Tour de Pologne racing with Carrefour Poland

Huge interest in 76th Tour de Pologne racing with Carrefour Poland

  • 19.08.2019
  • Food transition

Carrefour Poland, within implementing of the food transition strategy and promoting a healthy lifestyle, for the third time was the main partner of Tour de Pologne - the largest race in Poland and one of the most important cycling events in the world.

The race gathered tens of thousands of supporters and the most important representatives of the government, local authorities as well as media and business, including Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki and the presidents of the cities where each stage of the competition took place. Christophe Rabatel, President of Carrefour Poland, took part in the official opening and presentation of the race competitors.

This year's edition of Tour de Pologne took place under the name "Race of Generations" and referred to the century of the Polish Olympic Committee and the Olympic successes of Polish cyclists over the last decades. The winner of the entire competition was Pavel Sivakov. The Russian cyclist received the yellow jersey of the winner of "Carrefour General Classification" from Guillaume de Colonges, Executive Director for Northern and Eastern Europe and Christophe Rabatel, President of Carrefour Poland. Carrefour has also prepared a lot of sports animations for all fans, both at the start and finish of each stage.

At the end of the sport competition, representatives of Carrefour joined the race and appeared on the Tour de Pologne Amateurs’ Race route. Nearly 2 200 cyclists competed in a sport fight. Czesław Lang, a cyclist and organizer of Tour de Pologne, headed the peloton. Carrefour Cycling Team was led by Guillaume de Colonges and Christophe Rabatel. The team that meet the challenge also included employees of several headquarters departments, regional directors and representatives of stores from several cities: Zielona Góra, Chorzów and Szczecin. The participation of Carrefour employees in the Tour de Pologne Amateurs’ Race is a part of the company's activities related to the implementation of the food transition for all strategy and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.