The first meeting of the Coalition For The Development Of The Bio Food Market

The first meeting of the Coalition For The Development Of The Bio Food Market

  • 04.02.2019
  • Food transition

The first session of the Coalition for the Development of Bio Food Market took place on January 22 in Warsaw. The purpose of the meeting was to diagnose the main challenges for the bio market in Poland, as well as to develop priority initiatives for the coming year. The founding members agreed that the Coalition should pay the most attention to the broadly defined education, developing logistic solutions and solving systemic barriers. The meeting was chaired by Christophe Rabatel, CEO of Carrefour Poland.

The first meeting of the Coalition for the Development of the Bio Food Market, which was established in November 2018, was attended by the founding members - Dr. Karol Krajewski, Advisor at the Political Cabinet of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Krystyna Radkowska, President of the Polish Chamber of Organic Food, prof. Ewa Rembiałkowska, expert on organic food from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Mieczysław Babalski, organic farmer and chairman of the EKOŁAN association.

The Coalition representatives discussed the situation of organic farming in Poland and defined the most important challenges for the bio food market in the country. Among the priority initiatives that the Coalition will implement in the near future is, among others, broadly defined education addressed to all market participants. To increase farmers' knowledge about organic farming, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has committed itself to strengthening the advisory system that operates within the Agricultural Advisory Center. The ECOŁAN Association also confirmed the commitment to conduct training and share knowledge on ecological cultivations. The Polish Chamber of Ecological Food and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences have committed themselves to promoting the knowledge on organic products among consumers. Carrefour Poland also committed to conducting education activities. The network has announced bio food training for stores’ employees, who for some consumers are the first source of knowledge about organic products, and organizing of the Bio Forum - a conference that will bring together international experts in the field of bio food and will provide an opportunity to exchange experiences, and also to promote organic products and organic farming among Polish farmers, producers and consumers.

The Coalition members believe that the issue of logistics and the distribution of bio products to general grocery stores also has an impact on the state of organic farming in Poland. Due to the difficulties in this area, bio farmers often have no opportunity to establish cooperation with the organized trade sector, making the availability of their products limited. Therefore, Carrefour Poland committed to developing - in cooperation with farmers and processors - solutions that will enable quick and direct delivery of bio products to chain stores. The systemic support of organic farming in Poland is also crucial for the members of the Coalition. Therefore, work will be undertaken to simplify the legal framework, procedures applicable to organic farmers, as well as the certification process of organic farms in Poland.

During the first meeting of the Coalition, Carrefour Poland has also committed to:

  • signing new farmer's contracts with Polish farmers by 2020
  • supporting 50 farmers in conversion from conventional to organic farming by 2022
  • opening of the first Carrefour Bio store in Poland
  • introducing 100 new bio products of Polish origin to the Healthy Shelf concept by 2020
  • developing the Carrefour Bio brand with 60 new products, including Polish origin products until 2020
  • developing of the fresh bio vegetables and fruits offer so that 30 products are available in stores every season
  • improving the display of bio products in Carrefour stores

The Coalition for the Development of the Bio Food Market is open. This means that any entity interested in joining the Coalition's activities for the development of the organic food market in Poland can submit its candidacy to a selected Coalition member, for example to Carrefour Polska, using the address or the Polish Chamber of Organic Food - Such a candidacy will then be presented and voted on during the next meeting of the Coalition.