Grant from the Carrefour Foundation for the homeless in Poland

Grant from the Carrefour Foundation for the homeless in Poland

  • 03.04.2018
  • Sustainable development

The Carrefour Foundation allocated a 67 018 euro grant for the construction of an eatery for the homeless and people most in need, which will be managed in Warsaw by the Foundation Kapucyńska Anicet Kopliński. The check for the realization of the project “A chance for the homeless-fighting exclusion” was presented during a ceremony that took place during the Annual Conference of Carrefour Poland on 27th March.

There are more than 33 thousands of homeless people in Poland. The problem is serious and the situation is more appalling in big cities. The homeless need support from professional organizations in all aspects of their life. One of these organizations is the Foundation Kapucyńska which is distributing every day more than 300 hot meals to the homeless and the poor. The aim of the Foundation Kapucyńska is also to prevent social exclusion and to help the homeless, the poor and those most in need.

The Carrefour Foundation decided to support the activities of this organization by allocating a grant for the equipment of a new eatery whose inauguration is planned for June 2018. Currently, the eatery operates in an old building which does not insure the proper conditions for its functioning.

The symbolic check was presented during the Annual Conference of Carrefour Poland, by Guillaume de Colonges, Executive Director Northern and Eastern Europe, and Robert Noceń, Secretary General of Carrefour Poland to Radosław Pazura, Founder of the Foundation Kapucyńska and Marek Seretny, President of the Foundation.

From the beginning of its activities in Poland, Carrefour  is involved in ambitious social projects. Both the headquarters and the stores all around Poland are involved in charity initiatives. In addition, the Carrefour Foundation supports the realization of important social projects that respond to the needs of people most in need in this country.