Special action of the Polish Red Cross and P&G launched in Carrefour stores

Special action of the Polish Red Cross and P&G launched in Carrefour stores

  • 13.04.2018
  • Sustainable development

Procter & Gamble, Carrefour Poland and the Polish Red Cross, joined once again forces for improving the life of children in poorest families in Poland, with the launch of the new edition of the action “A little help, a big joy”. Consumers, when buying in Carrefour stores Procter & Gamble products like Pampers, Fairy or Gillette, can support the Polish Red Cross. The action lasts until 30th April.

These seemingly small things like clean and fresh clothes, neat appearance, or a comfortable place to learn and play, do not only affect the child’s well-being, but also its proper development, including self-confidence. According to the Polish Red Cross, the problem in the poorest families is to ensure the basic needs such as food, clothes and other hygiene and cleaning products. The negative effects of this lack are felt especially by children.

- Children, who are living in poverty, are at risk of social exclusion. That is why ensuring them decent living conditions is so crucial for their proper development. Otherwise, they are exposed to a lack of acceptance, which is one of the most important need in the life of a child - underlines the child psychologist, Dorota Maciejec.

This is actually the second edition of the action “A little help, a big joy”. For the first edition, the action helped 1500 families from all around Poland. They received packages with essential products for beauty treatment, hygiene and cleanliness such as: Pampers diapers, Head & Shoulders shampoo, Blend-a-Med toothpaste, Ariel laundry powder and Fairy dishwashing liquid. Thanks to the funds collected for the first edition of the action, more than 500 families received 700 layettes, which contained products like bed linen, blankets, pillows etc., but also equipment for children’s rooms, school and educative supplies, clothes and boots.

- This campaign is quite unique compared to the other actions we organize in cooperation with business partners, and especially because children are covered by individual help. We answer to their real needs that are analyzed by our offices all around Poland. Sometimes a little help is enough for ensuring children decent living conditions - explains Jolanta Chełmińska, Board Member of the Polish Red Cross.

How to participate?

All clients of Carrefour stores, who are until 30th April, buying P&G products such as: diapers and handkerchiefs Pampers, hair care products (Head&Shoulders, Pantene and Aussie), household products (Ariel, Vizir, Lenor, Fairy, AmbiPur), intimate hygiene products (Always, Naturella, Discreet), oral hygiene products (Oral-B i Blend-a-Med) as well as Gillette, Gillette Venus and Old Spice products, can contribute to improving the life of the youngest and most in need beneficiaries of the Polish Red Cross.

- Thanks to the action “A little help, a big joy”, each of us can make sure that the essential products for beauty treatment, hygiene and cleanliness as well as other daily necessary products, supported the healthy development of children in poorest families- declares Justyna Rymkiewicz from Procter & Gamble.

The national impact of the campaign is made possible thanks to the support of Carrefour Poland, one of the biggest retail chains in Poland. – With this action, we offer clients of Carrefour hyper and supermarkets, during their daily shopping, the possibility to support children in need. Following the first edition, we observed that our clients are eager to take part in this social campaign which helps those most in need - adds Robert Noceń, Secretary General of Carrefour Poland.

As part of this action, 1% of the sales of P&G products in Carrefour stores all around Poland until 30.04.2018 is going to the offices of the Polish Red Cross in order to help the poorest families and beneficiaries of the Polish Red Cross. In addition, the families receive packages containing hygiene and beauty treatment products.