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Carrefour meets the expectations of contemporary consumers and develops new technologies in commerce. It enables us to combine all the channels, including internet and mobiles, as well as offline and online purchases. As a result, clients can benefit from an even larger choice and new shopping experiences.

  • Hypermarkets


    Stores with a surface ranging from 2.000 to 12.000 square metres, located all around the country and offering up to 60.000 products.

  • Supermarkets


    Stores with a surface ranging from 350 to 2.000 square metres, operating under the logo “Market” and „Express”, and located in city centres and nearby residential areas.

  • Wholesale and discount stores

    Wholesale and discount stores

    under the name of Supeco is a combination of a discount store and a warehouse. The format is addressed to individual and business clients.

  • Convenience stores

    Convenience stores

    Include both Carrefour’s own stores as well as franchise stores working with the network, with a surface up to 500 square metres. They operate all around Poland under the logo “Express” or “Globi".

  • Specialized stores

    Specialized stores

    Carrefour’s portfolio includes specialized stores selling alcoholic beverages, which operate under the “Galerie Alkoholi” logo.

  • Ecommerce


    Carrefour runs its own e-grocery shop carrefour.pl with a wide range of over 20 000 products.

  • My Carrefour

    My Carrefour

    This mobile app combines the benefits of attractive customer loyalty programs, with fast and intuitive services and an access to innovative solutions.

  • Scan&Go


    Carrefour offers mobile shopping, including self-scanning with smartphones and mobile payments.

Traditional stores

Carrefour offers clients various formats of traditional stores.
Their size and offer are suited to individual preferences
and to clients’ needs. The formats include:

  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets
  • Wholesale and discount stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Specialized stores

Online shopping

Customers’ needs change along with the development of new technologies.
Carrefour acknowledges these trends and invests in the development of ecommerce
and mobile services and facilities.

  • E-grocery shop carrefour.pl
  • Click&collect
  • My Carrefour App
  • Scan & Go