Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Carrefour conducts its Corporate Social Responsibility policy as part of its business strategy.
These activities are carried out in areas such as economy, society and environmental protection.

‘Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is based on three pillars: fight against any type of waste, biodiversity protection and support to Carrefour's business partners. For many years, we carry out comprehensive projects which contribute to Poland’s economic development, protect natural resources and support socially excluded individuals and families.’

Tareck Ouaibi

General Director of Carrefour Poland

Tareck Ouaibi

What we do



    We encourage everyone to maintain a healthy diet, be active and diversify food products.



    We fight against waste and promote waste prevention among our clients and suppliers.



    We contribute to pro-ecological initiatives, support responsible fishery and sustainable agriculture and build bee hotels.

  • HELP


    We fight against social exclusion, help people in need and support projects conducted by various organizations in Poland.



    We do our best to support our employees in their professional development and to help them increase their skills.



    Cooperation with our partners is essential for us and we care about maintaining good relationships
    with our business environment. We are also sensitive to the needs of local communities.


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