Our partners

Our partners

Cooperation with Food Banks

Cooperation with Food Banks

We have been working with the Federation of Polish Food Banks since the very beginning of our activities, providing excess food products from our stores, as well as getting involved in local and national food donations. The Carrefour Foundation financed the donation of dozens of refrigerated trucks that help to pick up fresh products from stores and to transport and deliver them safely to people in need across the whole country.

Carrefour Poland has been awarded the Benefactor of the Year award for their cooperation with Food Banks.

Food donations

We are involved in national food donations such as Easter Food Donation, ‘Share Your Meal’ Donation and Christmas Food Donation- coordinated by the Polish Federation of Food Banks. We also work with Caritas Poland and local organizations in our stores across Poland.

Until now, a few hundreds of our stores managed to collect several dozens of tons of groceries, mostly products with extended expiration date (sugar, sweets, oil, canned food and preserves). The food was sent to local organizations which prepare meals for people in need.

Cooperation with organizations

As part of its CSR strategy, Carrefour Poland actively supports NGOs in their activities, for among others: reducing poverty, providing equal opportunities, preventing waste and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Both the headquarters and stores all around Poland are involved in charity activities.

Carrefour also cares about good neighborhood relationships and the development of local communities. Carrefour stores all around Poland support a number of campaigns for helping those in need, promoting ecology, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. It is worth mentioning that Carrefour also supports hospices, children’s homes, kindergartens, schools and hospitals, located nearby our stores across Poland.

Cooperation with NGOs is not only about financial support. Carrefour Poland is actively involved in campaigns organized by institutions like: the Polish Organization of Trade and Distribution, the Polish Franchise Organization, the Responsible Business Forum, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Business Centre Club, which contribute to the implementation of good practices in the field of sustainable development.

Carrefour Poland also carries out valuable initiatives, among others with the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, the Association of people with disabilities for the Environment EKON, The national association “ROPSAN- Parents against alcohol sales to underage buyers”, the association for children “Przystań Naszych Dzieci”, and the Foundation “Help for the Employees from the Transportation Industry”.

Cooperating with the scientific community

Cooperating with the scientific community

Cooperation between business and science is vital for the economic growth and the company’s innovativeness. As a socially responsible company, Carrefour Poland cares about developing initiatives carried out in collaboration with the academic world. Not only do we support selected educational and scientific projects financially, but also actively engage in their realization, as illustrated by the results of the ‘ABC of Healthy Nutrition’ program.

In the past few years, we realized important initiatives in collaboration with both the academic and the student communities. We cooperated with the Warsaw University of Life Sciences for the several editions of the ‘ABC of Healthy Nutrition’ program and during the introduction of the Simplified Nutritional Labelling System (SENS). We also conducted with the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Warsaw ethnographic researches on consumer attitudes, preferences and strategies. We were a partner of the ‘Economic Bridges’, one of the most interesting and popular student initiatives of the Warsaw School of Economics. We were invited by the scientific student law club Ex Ante of the Kozminski University in Warsaw, to talk about entrepreneurship and franchise development. We also supported TEDx Warsaw University of Technology, a popular event organized by the International Scientific Club for Sustainable Business.



Carrefour actively supports and promotes local suppliers, as well as acts for the development of the Polish economy. We are eager to cooperate with local farmers, helping them to sell their products and to promote their farms among customers according to the Carrefour Ethical Charter. We conduct for many years for suppliers regular trainings, which are a good opportunity to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and discuss trends and sustainable development.

Currently Carrefour cooperates with nearly 100 local suppliers, and as a result, can offer its customers fresh regional goods, including dairy products, bread, vegetables and fruits. The assortment “Jakość z Natury Carrefour” is a good example of putting this idea into practice. This product line has been created in collaboration with Polish farmers, breeders and producers and is only made of top quality products, from ecologically clean areas, and produced with respect for the environment and animal welfare. Their production process is monitored ‘from the field to the plate’.


The aim of the ‘Self-diagnostic’ campaign is to promote sustainable development among Carrefour own-label product’s suppliers and to enable them to assess their own actions.

This campaign is carried out at Carrefour Poland since 2010 and consists of 4 stages. In the first stage, every organization assesses its CSR activities using a questionnaire in compliance with ISO 26000 standards and which includes 35 self-assessment criteria.

In the second stage, the company presents one of its good practices. For the suppliers who scored the highest results, this stage is followed by a one-day CSR audit. In the final stage, the jury nominates the best projects.

For the 2017 edition of this campaign, suppliers had to submit projects dedicated to the promotion of healthy nutrition.