Support to Polish farmers

Support to Polish farmers

Local cooperation

Consistently implementing the adopted strategy of food trasition, Carrefour undertakes a number of activities to provide customers with constant access to local products from trusted Polish suppliers. Our chain initiated projects in Poland aimed at shortening the supply chain as much as possible and developing cooperation with local producers.

Prosto z polskiej wsi

Prosto z polskiej wsi

In June 2019, Carrefour, together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, developed the "Prosto z polskiej wsi" (Straight from the Polish village) program, which helps Polish farmers, including organic farmers, to sell their products directly from producer's stands in the nearest Carrefour store.

In the first phase (summer 2019), the program was addressed to producers of red fruits from Mazovia Province. The program is also to be extended to other regions of Poland.

Prosto z pola do 50km

Prosto z pola do 50km

In July 2020, Carrefour launched the project "Prosto z pola do 50km" (Straight from the field up to 50 km), that aims to shorten the supply chain and develop direct cooperation with local farmers. Thanks to this project, customers of selected Carrefour stores can benefit from an expanded offer of high-quality products from small, nearby farms.

The project involves cooperation with local farmers, whose offer will be sold at dedicated stands in selected Carrefour stores. "Straight from the field up to 50 km" is an example of a short logistics supply chain, as the offer of a local producer will replace the assortment ordered so far from the central warehouse. Through this project Carrefour supports the development of small farms, pffering guarantee of receipt of contracted supplies and a stable basis for the development of production.

"Jakość z Natury" brand

"Jakość z Natury" brand

Carrefour Poland, in line with its Food Transition strategy, is investing in development of its own brands. One of them is the "Jakość z Natury" (Quality from Nature) range, which is distinguished by its unique taste, full traceability of products from field to plate, production with respect for the natural environment and animal welfare, and long-term partnerships with suppliers.

Products with the "Jakość z Natury" logo are the fruit of over twenty years of cooperation between Carrefour Polska and local farmers and producers. It is based on mutual trust and adapting Carrefour's requirements to the possibilities and needs of partners, thanks to which they can successfully develop their production and maintain stable business conditions in a long-term perspective. Both the process of creating products, as well as parameters such as soil and water, are strictly controlled at every stage, which is why the quality of the offer that reaches customers is maintained at a very high level. An important element of the brand's DNA is also respect for the natural environment and animal welfare.

Carrefour Foundation's grants

In order to promote the development of farming in Poland, the company ensures, with the Carrefour Foundation, a long-term support for a conversion to ecological agriculture. With this aim, Carrefour Poland launched a new project - grants for farmers interested by ecological agriculture. The support is delivered through dedicated grant projects implemented by non-governmental organizations operating in Poland from the funds provided by the Carrefour Foundation.

BIO Democratization

BIO Democratization

In the AgriNatura Foundation project , entitled "BIO Democratization" has already taken part 20 Polish farms. The aim of the project is to increase the quantity and variety of organic vegetables on the domestic market by providing family farms with the support necessary to develop and diversify the production of organic vegetables. The project supports farmers through investments, training and capacity building, focusing on the development of their production and biodiversity in agriculture. So far, the Carrefour Foundation has allocated 120,000 EUR for the development of this project.

The first stage of the BIO Democratization project was a great success. Farmers participating in the project produced over 1,800 tons of organic vegetables. The average increase in production is about 30% compared to the previous year, but for some farms it was even 200%. What's more, farmers expanded their range of crops by introducing 20 new species or varieties of BIO vegetables. Educational activities contributed to the increase of knowledge, competences as well as mutual cooperation and support among project participants. The family situation of organic farms has also improved.



The aim of the GO Agri BIO project implemented by the Social Ecological Institute is to support the transition to organic farming in 5 selected convetional farms. Project beneficiaries received expert and financial assistance, including thorough planning - from the transformation of production methods to marketing and sales of new products - advice on the purchase of the necessary tools and means of production, such as seeds or basic equipment, and training to improve their knowledge and skills. The support received from the Carrefour Foundation amounted EUR 64,800.

Granary of Health

Granary of Health

Supporting Polish organic farming, the Carrefour Foundation provided the Regional Agricultural and Industrial Society "Dolina Strugu" in Błażowa the grant amounted EUR 195,500 for the implementation of the project "Granary of Health". The aim of the project is to stimulate the breeding of organic cattle in south-eastern Poland. Support for the project is an important element of the Food Transition strategy, the priority of which is the democratization of organic food and a response to the project of a sustainable food system "Farm to Fork" of the European Union.