Carrefour franchise

Carrefour franchise

An effective way to grow your business.

Do you have a store or the idea for your business?
Would you like to have a support of a strong and reliable partner?
Is it worth to become a franchisee?

Please take a look on what you can get after becoming Carrefour franchisee?

  • A strong and well-known brand

    A strong and well-known brand

  • A tested and efficient commercial concept

    A tested and efficient commercial concept

  • Continuous support through the whole cooperation

    Continuous support through the whole cooperation

Our approach

“Local and convenience stores are the most dynamically growing segment on the Polish market. Carrefour pays attention to these trends and invests in the development of these formats. We offer our partners cooperation models which effectively satisfy customer needs and increase sales.”

Tareck Ouaibi

General Director of Carrefour Poland

Tareck Ouaibi

By cooperating with Carrefour you have access to innovation!

New solutions such as Mój Carrefour (My Carrefour) mobile app and the Click&Collect service, after being tested in Carrefour’s own stores, are launched in franchise stores too.

Such extra services enable store owners to play a new role in the local community and to initiate and strengthen relationships with customers.











<p>My Carrefour App</p>

My Carrefour App

<p>Convenience stores</p>

Convenience stores

“Carrefour's franchise offer is flexible solutions and a friendly model of cooperation. We direct it to people who already have experience in trade, as well as to those who just decide to run a store. Thanks to the large variety of formats, we are able to adjust our franchise offer to the needs and possibilities of the partner, location and, above all, the needs of the local client”.

Krzysztof Łagowski

Director of convenience stores

Krzysztof Łagowski

What is a Franchise?

Franchise is a way of business cooperation, where an independent entrepreneur runs his own business under the franchisor brand, using franchisor's solutions and recognition. Cooperation within a franchise, takes place between legally and financially separate and independent entrepreneurs: a franchiser (e.g. Carrefour) and its individual franchisees.

Relations between the franchisee and the franchisor are regulated by appropriate agreements, that specify the franchise principles, giving the parties a guarantee of a reliable course of cooperation and protecting their interests.

For entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to run their own businesses, but do not have enough experience, capital or would like to receive a ready-made business concept, this form of business cooperation is an option worth of attention.

Franchise - is it worth it?

Carrefour helps its franchisees to run their business, advises and acquaints with the latest innovations and technologies. It all makes many of them successful.


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