Carrefour franchise

Carrefour franchise

An effective way to grow your business.

Do you have your own store or a business idea?
Do you need a strong and reliable partner to support you?

See what you can gain by cooperating with us:

  • A strong and well-known brand

    A strong and well-known brand

  • A tested and efficient commercial concept

    A tested and efficient commercial concept

  • Continuous support through the whole cooperation

    Continuous support through the whole cooperation

Our approach

“Local and convenience stores are the most dynamically growing segment on the Polish market. Carrefour pays attention to these trends and invests in the development of these formats. We offer our partners cooperation models which effectively satisfy customer needs and increase sales.”

Tareck Ouaibi

Director of Operations

Tareck Ouaibi

By cooperating with Carrefour you have access to innovation!

New solutions such as Mój Carrefour (My Carrefour) mobile app and the Click&Collect service, after being tested in Carrefour’s own stores, are launched in franchise stores too.

Such extra services enable store owners to play a new role in the local community and to initiate and strengthen relationships with customers.











<p>My Carrefour App</p>

My Carrefour App

<p>Convenience stores</p>

Convenience stores

They made it!

Carrefour helps its franchisees to run their business, offers advice and introduces them to the latest innovations and technologies. This is why many of them succeeded. Would you like to learn more about it?

Meet people who develop their businesses thanks to Carrefour franchise.

Gabriela Siwczuk

Gabriela Siwczuk

Gabriela Siwczuk

She has been managing an Express Minimarket in Gdańsk for more than 4 years. She is in the commerce sector since 1987, when she opened a catering point near a swimming pool in Gdańsk-Osowa. Later, she managed together with her husband 6 more shops. Their business however stopped being profitable and Ms Siwczuk decided to participate in a meeting organized by Carrefour, during which she learnt about the terms and conditions of the franchise. She recalls that, despite her previous experience, many things were new for her and turned out to be a challenge, but they indeed saved her commercial activity. She joined Carrefour franchise model in 2013 and is pleased that her store attracts many customers and that the store’s offer meets their expectations.

Rafał Kaliciński

Rafał Kaliciński

Rafał Kaliciński

He is one of the first Carrefour franchisees and the story of his business began when he decided to buy a property near Cracow for building not only a house, but also for opening a store. Mr. Kaliciński, who works in consulting and deals professionally with European funds, did not have back then any experience in commerce. Therefore, he sought support for launching his store and found it in Carrefour’s offer. Carrefour advised him already at the early stages of designing his store. Mr. Kaliciński opened a Carrefour Express Minimarket and he cooperates with Carrefour for 7 years now. He appreciates Carrefour’s perfect organization, knowledge and experience.

Agnieszka Szadkowska-Rękawek

Agnieszka Szadkowska-Rękawek

Agnieszka Szadkowska-Rękawek

She works with Carrefour for more than 5 years now. Back then, she opened 5 stores in all Carrefour franchise formats. By cooperating with Carrefour, she appreciates the fact that she can get support and still keep her independence at the same time. According to Ms. Szadkowska-Rękawek, the fact that Carrefour constantly introduces modern solutions for both customers and franchisees is a big asset of this cooperation.


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