Commercial properties

Commercial properties

Carrefour Poland operates as well on the market of commercial properties. Our portfolio is part of the global Carrefour Group, who is an important player on the property market and owns 653 modern shopping malls and convenience centres.

Property portfolio of Carrefour Poland

Carrefour has been operating in Poland since 1997. We own 38 shopping malls, centres and arcades, which are well connected to city centres. Moreover, we also manage and commercialize 7 other commercial properties which meet customer expectations. We are also lessees actively searching for new locations for our hyper and supermarkets.

  • 45 commercial properties

    45 commercial properties

  • Over 325.000 GLA

    Over 325.000 GLA

  • Over 800 retail
and service facilities

    Over 800 retail
    and service facilities

Carrefour shopping centres offer:

  • National and local fashion brands
  • A strong grocery operator
  • A wide variety of services
  • Spacious parking places free of charge

They trusted us

Modernisation and remodeling

When working, we keep customers in mind. In order to provide them with a rich offer and convenient shopping experiences, the shopping malls and arcades in Carrefour Poland’s portfolio are, since 2014, consistently included in the development and remodeling strategy. This allows us to respond effectively to everyday challenges and to offer tomorrow’s innovative solutions.

"We closely track trends on the commercial property market and listen to the needs of local communities. Accordingly, we make decisions on the modernization of our facilities and invest in them, for offering customers pleasant shopping experiences, and lessees, new possibilities of development."

Jean-François Dohogne


Jean-François Dohogne

Our marketing activities

We support lessees of our largest shopping malls with regular marketing activities. We introduce creative marketing strategies and conduct communication campaigns to promote the sales offers of our business partners.

We seek development opportunities

At Carrefour Poland we manage our facilities effectively and use their commercial potential to the fullest. We keep developing our real estate portfolio and actively look for new locations for our activities.

Are you an owner of a facility or a parcel of land interested in cooperation? Contact us!


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