Carrefour Białołęka

The property is located in the Białołęka district of Warsaw, among many residential areas. The centre is accessible by public transport or by car. The car park offers 170 parking places. The centre includes a Carrefour supermarket, several service points and a language school. The building also houses a C4 LAB technological incubator founded by Carrefour in 2017. Young entrepreneurs can benefit from a working area, participate in training sessions and get help for finding financial support for their projects. The property was modernized in 2016.

Facilities for clients

  • hypermarket


  • car park

    car park

Carrefour Białołęka

Światowida 18
03-144 Warszawa

Carrefour Białołęka

Opened in

2000 / 2016 redeveloped in


2082 square metres of GLA

Monika Zarzycka

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Property remodeled

Property remodeled

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