Słowiańska Shopping Centre

Galeria Słowiańska is a comfortable shopping destination for the entire region, offering 46 stores filled with well-known and popular brands from both fashion and services, as well as the Carrefour hypermarket. New restaurants: Mania Smakowania and Dedekebap opened after the remodelling in 2019, has complement the food court offer of the mall.

Located by the main entrance road from Wrocław, the facility is well prepared for motorized customers, offering comfortable parking for nearly 900 vehicles.

Property plan

Property plan

Facilities for clients

  • wi-fi


  • dining area

    dining area

  • hypermarket


  • cyclist facilities

    cyclist facilities

  • facilities for the disabled

    facilities for the disabled

  • facebook fanpage

    facebook fanpage

  • car park

    car park

  • room for parents with a child

    room for parents with a child

  • enternainment for customers

    enternainment for customers

  • rest zone

    rest zone

  • charger for mobile devices

    charger for mobile devices

Słowiańska Shopping Centre

Jeleniogórska 42
59-900 Zgorzelec

Słowiańska Shopping Centre

Opened in

2006 / 2019 redeveloped in


18600 square metres of GLA

Dorota Szmuc

Commercialisation department contact details

Remodelling completed

Remodelling completed

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