Annual conference of Carrefour Poland

Annual conference of Carrefour Poland

  • 04.04.2018
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The Annual Conference of Carrefour Poland was held on 27th March and gathered representatives from the media as well as from public institutions, NGOs, business partners and financial organizations. The meeting was dedicated to the summing up of the chain’s activities in 2017, to the presentation of strategical objectives for 2018 as well as of actions that will be undertaken as part of the transformation plan of the Group “Carrefour 2022”. See the video from the conference available in the photo gallery.

The achievements and the future plans of the company were presented by its President, Guillaume de Colonges, as well as by its Vice-presidents Ronan Martin and Robert Noceń. The omnichannel strategy adopted by Carrefour Poland in 2017 as a constitutive element of the strategy “Carrefour 2022”, gave birth to 4 new innovative projects (the startup incubator C4 Retail Lab, the concept Marketplace, Scan&Go and Sąsiatki- a platform based on the mechanisms of the collaborative economy), and was supported by the opening of 3 new hypermarkets and 8 supermarkets, as well as by the rise of the results for all the different commercial formats. Last year, the company was awarded for its marketing campaign with Napoleon, supported many important sporting events and was involved in various CSR projects such as “The ABC of Healthy Nutrition” and the system SENS. And everything was organized under the celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of Carrefour in Poland.

One of the main objectives of the strategy “Carrefour 2022” is the food transition. The company noticed that customers have much more expectations when it comes to healthy and balanced nutrition and that is why Carrefour strives to guarantee them a permanent access to fresh fruits and vegetables from local and trustworthy suppliers as well as to certified bio products. The product offer of the assortment “Jakość z Natury” is continuously being developed and will be extended to 9 new product categories this year. One of the main actions that will be undertaken in the field of food transition will be the conclusion of special contracts with selected suppliers. Carrefour Poland also plans to sign contracts with 7 Polish suppliers for 10 products that will be exclusively sold for Carrefour stores and clients.

As part of the implementation of this strategy in Carrefour Poland stores, new certified bio products from Polish producers will be introduced- in 2018 a contract with a first supplier will be signed. The range of Carrefour own-brand products will also be enriched with 80 new products and with the import of Carrefour BIO products with 25 novelties. The labelling system SENS will be extended to new own-brand products. Carrefour also strives to simplify the composition of own-brand products by favoring natural ingredients and limiting the value of additives and preservatives. The company will also adopt the blockchaintechnological innovations in order to insure transparency, food security and a precise management of the supply chain.

In compliance with the strategy of the Group « Carrefour 2022 », the company will also strengthen the development of previously launched innovations. The aim for the shopping platform is to extend its offer to 500 000 products and to 500 suppliers and gaining 50 000 clients. Carrefour plans to develop the application Mój Carrefour, with the objective to reach 3 000 000 downloads until the end of 2018. Meanwhile, and within the startup incubator C4 Retail Lab, 16 projects are currently under development, with 5 under test. In addition, the service Scan&Go will be launched in other stores of the chain in Poland.