New Carrefour supermarkets in the premium segment

New Carrefour supermarkets in the premium segment

  • 06.11.2017
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Carrefour opened in October two new supermarkets in the premium segment in Wrocław and in Bydgoszcz.

The supermarket opened in Wrocław is located in the new commercial Centre Wroclavia, just next to many bus and tram lines and close to Wroclaw’s train station. The commercial centre is also part of the bus station PKS. Clients can enjoy a 1 500m2 commercial space and benefit from an offer of more than 16 000 products.

The other store in Bydgoszcz was opened in the commercial Centre Focus Bydgoszcz. Customers can find there nearly 19 000 products on a 2 000m2 commercial surface at their disposal.

The most important characteristics of these supermarkets are: diversity and product freshness. Clients will discover there, among others, a large variety of fresh products. In the special area “Fresh Market”, are available several hundred of fruits and vegetables, bio fruits and vegetables, as well as many high quality regional products from local producers and farmers. Besides, dry aged beef, aged on the spot, is also proposed for sale.

In 2017, Carrefour already opened in Poland 6 supermarkets in the premium segment. In total, there are already 12 premium stores in Poland.