Carrefour innovations at CSR Fair

Carrefour innovations at CSR Fair

  • 18.04.2018
  • Sustainable development

On 12th April in Warsaw was held the 7th edition of the Responsible Business Forum (FOB) CSR Fair. It is the biggest CSR meeting in Poland gathering together companies, institutions and NGOs. Carrefour Poland presented its CSR activities and took part in the conference of the event.

This 7th edition of the CSR Fair was dedicated to “Corporate cooperation”. During this event, Carrefour presented its innovations in the field of sustainable development, food transition and sharing economy, underlining the importance of partnership for all the conducted projects and its role in the development of corporate social responsibility. Representatives of the company also had many interesting conversations with the participants of the fair who were eager to visit Carrefour stand.

For the conference part of the Fair, which was also dedicated to the idea of cooperation, Carrefour prepared an oral presentation under the title “Collaborative economy, blockchain-CSR innovations”. Robert Noceń, Secretary General of Carrefour Poland, presented the innovative projects conducted by the retail chain, in the world and in Poland, in the field of sustainable development. He explained the benefits of the use of the new blockchain technology for increasing transparency and food security and which allows clients to have access to detailed information about the product. The chicken from Auvergne proposed under the brand “Jakość z Natury Carrefour” was presented as an example.
In addition, the service “Sąsiatki”, developed by Carrefour and which is based on collaborative economy, was also introduced to the audience. Participants learned also about good CSR practices developed in other countries, such as the application Bringo in Romania or the incredible food powder FoPo in France which helps fighting food waste. The presentation raised a lot of interest.

For the second year in a row Carrefour Poland with the highest number of good CSR practices

One important moment of the 7th edition of the CSR Fair was the premiere of the Report “Responsible business in Poland 2017. Good practices” FOB, which is the most important compilation in Poland of initiatives in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development. Carrefour Poland turned out to be the leader of this publication, taking into account the number of initiatives reported among all the companies, whose CSR activities are listed in the report.

Among the 42 projects submitted by the company, 40 were accepted . FOB valued positively 19 Carrefour projects in the field of partner support, with among others the “Talents” and “Comex Shadows” programs dedicated to employees, the development of C4 Retail Lab and the organization of a cycle of training meetings for suppliers, as well as the support of Carrefour to NGOs. Also, 14 initiatives for the protection of biodiversity can be found in the report (e.g: the development of the product offer with the FSC label, the network of “Bee hotels”, and the declaration of withdrawal of battery-cage eggs) as well as 7 projects with the aim to prevent waste (e.g.: BIO waste management, energy saving solutions in stores, transport optimization).