Stop Food Waste Day at Carrefour Poland

Stop Food Waste Day at Carrefour Poland

  • 25.10.2017
  • Sustainable development

On 16th October, Carrefour Poland celebrated the “Stop Food Waste Day”. This year, the celebrations had a special character because the company handed over two refrigerated vehicles, financed with Carrefour Foundation’s grants, this time, to Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot’s and Suwałki-Białystok’s Food Banks. Few days before, Cracow’s Food Bank obtained a refrigerated truck during a gala celebrating its 20 years of activity in Poland.

The World Food Day, which falls on 16th October, was celebrated in all Carrefour’s Group as a “Stop Food Waste Day”. The network launched many initiatives with the aim to prevent food waste among Carrefour stores’ clients and employees. On this special day, an official delivery of two special vehicles, essential for the safe transport of food products, also took place.

In Białystok, a conference was organized, during which Robert Noceń, General Secretary of Carrefour Poland, handed over to the representatives of the local Food Bank, a special refrigerated truck. Carrefour also attended in Gdansk a meeting untitled ”Together against food waste”. The company was represented by Barbara Kowalska, Director of Quality and Sustainable Development at Carrefour Poland, who presented Carrefour Poland’s activities in the field of food waste prevention. It is worth underlining that on 5th October, during the celebrations of the 20th Polish Food Bank’s anniversary Gala in Krakow, organized under the title “Food-a good that engages”, Robert Noceń also offered a refrigerated vehicle financed with Carrefour Foundation’s grants.

Carrefour, from the start of its activity in Poland in 1997, cooperates with the Polish Federation of Food Banks. On all Polish territory, hypermarkets and supermarkets regularly hand over food products to Food Banks. Besides, Carrefour supports each year the organization of national food donations, providing the organizers with a space in Carrefour stores and promoting the initiative in the media. In 2002, Carrefour Foundation offered a first grant for the purchase of a refrigerated truck for local Food Banks. Thanks to Carrefour Foundation’s support, the Food Banks already bought 16 trucks. In 2016, Carrefour Foundation awarded a 125 000 euros grant for the purchase of 7 refrigerated trucks to local Food Banks.